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hey thats my birth town

Nice, have you spent much time there?

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Unfortunately left at age 5 but my parents grew up there until they were about 25, and the rest of the family still lives there. 

i saw this game in my dreams except there was a big burger constantly talking to me and telling me to eat a bunch of french fries with chocolate milk (eat them at the same time and mix and munch them in my mouth so the french fries get soaked with the taste of chocolate milk) and so i played this game while eating french fries with chocolate milk and my third eye opened and i kinda saw michael jacksons ghost and he said "a hee hee" yup yup yup


I really enjoyed this, and I don't usually like horror games. I think as the other commenter said, the lack of jumpscares was nice. This led to me to stick with it. That and I enjoyed the little bit of Spanish dialog to go along with it.

Very unnerving and fun exploration horror games, and there aren't really any jumpscares which is always good. 

My only complaint is that it crashes a lot. I would like to play again sometime and see if I can find anything I didn't find the first time


Thanks for the positive comments! I'm sorry it's crashing. This is probably due to the fact that I created it in Unity 4, and haven't been able to update it due to the enormous revisions I'd have to do to get it working in 5+.


this looks trippy