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Thanks for making this game. It was very intense and I even dreamt about it. I wrote an article about games and genocide in Cambodia on my blog about games from Southeast Asia:

Thanks, I love to hear that! I'm glad that it infested your dreams :)

Just writing to say I'm going to d/l again and will let you know the outcome - thanks for checking :

working fine with Windows - thanks again :)

(this was really, very affecting and interesting. I need to play this several more times I think. To what extent is the cremation site in the game build reflective of the 'actual' cremation site, in terms of size, layout, etc?)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you got to play. The size and layout are generally similar to the actual location, with the cremation site itself being a short distance from the road and the sign and guard's shack being near the entrance. None of the locations are entirely fixed—the tiles have random heights and vegetation is distributed randomly, and the landmarks have general locations that they are randomly placed within. I wanted to play with making the site semi-procedural to see if this made it feel more alive.

I'm still working on the Windows issue... this sounds like a common problem in Unity 5.3. I'm attempting different exports with certain libraries removed and player settings changed. I'll repost the files when it looks like it's working.

Alright, I've got a working Windows build. Had to drag the project over to Windows and re-export, exporting a Windows build from Mac isn't working.

hey. this looks very interesting but I am having some difficulties with the Win version. On opening the .exe I get a "Could..... not preload global game manager #0 i=0" error, which may be due to the file compression or zip.

thanks :)

Oh, thank you for the feedback! I'll check out the issue with the Windows version.

It's working now (my last reply didn't seem to go through). Thanks again for pointing this out!