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A meditative, multiplayer VR (and non-VR) experience in a procedurally-generated desert that responds emotionally to each player’s individual actions.

Players start in the same environment, but this begins to diverge for each as their personal landscape, composed of individualized weather and hallucinations, reacts to the player.

The constraints within which they interact are discovered during play, and revolve around the body, simulated breath, drawing, and out-of-body exploration of flora, fauna, and abandoned human habitations.

  • Meditate, sketch in the air, breathe, and watch the environment change in response
  • Listen to an abstracted audioscape
  • Play the game with others online or solo, in virtual reality (Oculus Rift or GearVR), or with a gamepad if you don't have VR
  • Explore abandoned structures or view the perspective of the world from nearby flora and fauna
  • Communicate gesturally with other players


Virtual reality requires Windows version with Oculus Rift and Touch controllers.

Non-VR version requires a controller. XBoxOne/360 works for Win/Mac, but I've found that only PS4 controller works on Linux, but that could be just how my systems' drivers are set up.

GearVR version is an experimental extra. It requires a bluetooth gamepad, not the GearVR controller. I’ve only tested with GameSir.

One purchase should allow you to put the game on multiple computers.

Desert Mothers was selected to show as a multiplayer VR installation at the IEEE-GEM (Games, Entertainment, Media) 2019 Exhibition at the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media, Yale University, and at the Second Tri-Annual Maryland State Arts Registry Juried Show at Maryland Art Place, Baltimore. Imagery was also included in the photography exhibit The Game at MILLEPIANI Gallery in Rome, Italy.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Additional instructions for reference (not required for play) 1 kB
GearVR (sideload) 122 MB
Version 3
Linux Universal 205 MB
Version 3
Windows 64-bit 177 MB
Version 3
Mac OSX 64-bit 178 MB
Version 3

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